Over the last 30 years I have developed relationships around the world to be able to keep ‘My Ear To The Ground” on what is happening in the hot spots of the world. I have been hearing from reports which have been supported by other sources reporting on some of the same issues.

What is the short and long term plans for ISIL and the appointed Caliph:



Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It seems with the modern day terrorist organization like ISIL they also have their leaks of information from top leadership. The latest reports tell a different story then what is coming from Washington about the success of the bombing campaign. According to top leadership of ISIL less then a hundred of ISIL fighters have been killed and the bombing has not made a dent in the groups abilities or battle plans.

The groups recruitment is on going and increasing even with the bombing and they say they have over 125,000 fighters  and growing daily. The fight on the ground gives some support to this claim when you look at the all the fronts they are fighting on. Training goes on and equipment keeps pouring in.


But the short term plans is what is scary both for Baghdad and Saudi Arabia. They have plans to bring down Baghdad and oust the Iranian front governemnt, as they call it, and to attack Saudi Arabia. With the success they are having with the “pin prick” bombing attacks it doesn’t seem that for fetched.

They are on the march and Kobani on the Syrian border with Turkey is ready to fall while Turkey sets with its military watching the Kurdish town and people be destroyed. (That is another story)

But Saudi is there next target which holds many riches for them. One being the oil, the American bases and the ISIL members in Jail in Saudi. Even through Saudi has a very professional and well equipped military ISIL is counting on the thousands of Saudis fighting with them and the hope that when they attack Saudi the population will rise up to help them. We and the Saudis would be very foolish to not take their threat and plans seriously.

I suspect that Saudi leadership is not getting a lot of sleep as they take seriously the threat to them. The question is when will the US wake up and take the action needed.

In some recent briefings I was asked my opinion on why Obama was not acting to really stop ISIL. Many in the audience had their own ideas and I hope it is not as sinister as some mentioned but is just a lack of not understanding the world and not being a leader.

This is the time to be very vigilant about what is going on in the world and if we here in the states are concerned we can do something about it on November 4th by going to the polls and voting. Be an active stock holder as all Americans are and go cast your ballot.

Until next time be safe: