illegalsSaudi Arabia police rounding up illegal’s

Saudi Arabia keeps up its campaign against illegal foreign workers including violators of residency and labor regulations in its bid to clean up the labor market and find jobs for its unemployed citizens. Several months ago Saudi Arabia gave the several million illegal’s in the country time to turn themselves in and apply for legal status. Many of them did but several hundred thousand didn’t

How Saudi handled their illegal problem is a good case study for us to follow but I suspect those in Washington have other motives then closing our borders and protecting our citizens. Most Americans are for legal immigration, most of us have foreign roots, but not for the system that has been allowed to over run our country.

Like Saudi we need strong border controls and to have a work visa program which has security and controls in it and that would be the first step to getting our problem under control. Secondly we would then need to give a time frame for those in the country illegally to turn themselves in and apply for work status. Those that don’t would then over time be caught and deported and the following approach by Saudi is an example of how to do it.

Saudi continued their crackdown even during the high holy time of the new Hijri year when 1436, security officers in the Makkah region arrested 35,744 expats including those who have overstayed their Haj, Umrah and visit visas, said Lt. Col. Aati bin Atiyyah Al-Qurashi, spokesman of police in the region.

He said the illegal workers were transferred to the concerned authorities for punitive action. He warned citizens and residents against employing, sheltering and transporting illegal workers, saying they would face stiff punishment.

Police in Qassim said Tuesday that they have arrested 4,765 illegal workers during the past one month. “They belonged to different nationalities,” said Captain Badr Al-Suhaibani, spokesman of police in the region. He said the largest number of illegal workers were netted in Buraidah, followed by Al-Rass and Unaizah, adding that the arrests were carried out with the support of field forces, highway police and patrols. ( Note the combined police forces)

Al-Suhaibani said security forces would continue their efforts to track down the remaining illegal workers in the region and punish them in accordance with the law.

In Baha, security forces nabbed 1,371 illegal workers, said police spokesman Col. Saad Saleh Tarad, adding that they included 502 people without identity proofs and 573 without resident permits.
He said 43 people were overstaying their visas, 202 have not renewed their resident permits and five of them have run away from sponsors. “About 15 expats were held for working for companies and individuals other than their sponsors while 27 were working on their own account,” Col. Tarad said.

“We have handed these illegal workers to the concerned authorities to take punitive action,” he said. Col. Tarad urged citizens to cooperate with security forces to drive out expats who violate the country’s rules and regulations. (Yes they take breaking their immigration laws seriously)

In a previous statement, Labor Minister Adel Fakeih said the Kingdom would not allow illegal foreign workers to stay in the Kingdom at any cost. “We’ll intensify the ongoing campaign to drive out all illegal workers,” he added.

He said there is no justification for keeping violators of the Kingdom’s laws inside the country. “Only those people who respect and abide by the country’s laws and system can stay,” he added.

Fakeih downplayed the impact of the government’s campaign against illegal workers on businesses. “We are determined to clean up the labor market and will not allow violators to work in the country for any reason,” he maintained.

The nay Sayers in our country who say the problem is too big to do anything about are misleading the public and Saudi is proof of what can happen if there is a political will and the concern for the rule of law.

I suspect here it will take the citizens to rise up and clean house in Washington before anything will happen and would include politicians on both sides of the isle. Lets hope it happens before it is to late.

Until next time Be Safe.