thThis is a Christian victim of the radical Muslim attack in Kenya

Some months ago I make the statement that “The World Was Going To Hell In a Hand Basket” and I have heard that used since then by some of the pundits talking about the violence.

The big problem is I don’t think the Obama administration understands that or maybe in their view it isn’t. I heard today someone on the left saying well Nixon when and made a bold move with China by engaging them and that is what Obama is trying to do with Iran, just engage them and they will get better.  When I hear this kind of talk I know it is just a “Talking Head” without any expertize in the real world.

First when Nixon went to China he simply went and told them we want to be your trading partner. He wasn’t expecting any big changes from them. They already had the Nukes and they were happy to do business with us and they took our money and have used it to keep a billion people in bondage. I am not so sure if the normal Chinese person really thinks that was a great accomplishment.

The comparison with Nixon’s China bold move was like comparing apples to grapefruit when talking about Iran. The deal with Iran has them giving up nothing and in fact ensures they will at some point, and not as long as the talking heads in Washington are saying, have many Nuclear bombs. Any body that thinks Iran can be talked into giving up their terrorist and expansion activities are worst then naive for it they push this through the destruction that will come to the world, not just Israel, will be devastation.

The big thing that the American Administration won’t admit is that we are in a religious war, a war to the finish,  and that makes this terrorist violence different then any of the history of terrorism and how it was used. This is a  fight to finish and the radical leaders in Iran  believe that if they start a war to destroy Israel their theory of the 12th Imam will appear to help them win and set up the world wide Muslim Caliphate. They believe and live this out just a much as we who are Judeo/Christian believe in the return of our Messiah.

Well the rest of the world leaders understand this and are calling it for what it is, Obama still keeps his head in the sand refusing to accept facts and believing he is smarter then everyone else. The bible says “Pride come’s Then The Fall” in his case his fall could inflame the world.  Even with Muslim leaders speaking up warning of the same thing the administration keeps on its path.

Obama refused to call the Kenyan massacre an assault on Christians even though the attackers were Muslims and separated the Christians from the Muslims and killed the Christian. Kenyan authorities called it what it was, and said that one of the gun man was the son a government official who had been a student who had broken off contact with his family and disappeared. The Kenyan military is attacking Al Shabaab camps in retaliation and are calling on Muslim parents to get involved with their children to head off them being radicalized.

It is dangerous time we are in as we see the systematic attacks on Christians across the world in way that hasn’t been seen before. It is without question a battle between good and evil, for any religion which is really part of the living God will never use violence or force to get someone to believe. When some one talks to be about being part of something that used threats, force or other forms of intimidation and if I think it is valid, I tell them to run as fast as they can away from it. If something is really of God, He will never used force or violence and the one true Living God will only use love to get people to follow Him. If we don’t want to believe in the living God He says OK go your own way and see how it works.

We as a nation are at a cross road and I believe the time this world has left will depend on what we do in the next election. Some who believe in the Bible Prophecy about the end times and what happens to those who attack Israel say God has it handled so why worry or get involved. I believe I am suppose to occupy and work for good as long as I can and hopeful give the world more time for people to wake up.

There is a lot more to this issue and to much to cover now. My plea to you, no matter what your political background is, get involved research, learn ask questions and challenge your elected officials and look for those who understand the issues. No matter what political party they are with. Particular watch some of the key Muslim leaders such as President Sisi in Egypt and listen to the warning they are giving about the radical Muslims which has a growing percentage in the world.

More later. Be Safe;