Mossad now has a web site

Times do change as the super secret and legendary spy agency that has operated out of the lime light is now a little more in the open. The history since 1948 is shared in detail by two journalist, Dan Ravio and Yosse Melman who is Israeli, and the book is “Spies against Armageddon” and is a must read for all who want to understand the battle that not only Israel is in but the world. And this book was reviewed by Mossad sensors before release so is not revealing secrets that will cost lives.

Over the last 60 years the agents and leaders of Mossad were very closed mouthed but it seems with the age of some of the founders and edge that the world is going to caused some to be interviewed by this team.

My first exposure to Israeli intelligence and Mossad was in the 70’s when I first landed in Israel and found myself on the Northern Front checking out the embattled Christian forces in Southern Lebanon. When we read about this little country that is surrounded by enemies it is hard to image just how little it is, it is hard for a jet fighter, I am an air force guy, to take off and stay in Israeli air space. I was struck by this nation which really did have its back to sea and the only way they would survive was with superior knowledge. Of course they haven’t always got it right.

Coming from law enforcement and private security I was a proponent of effective human intelligence and I began to see that Mossad was the best in this game. As a young man growing up on a farm with the visions of being a spy with my beautiful Russian spy, Natasha, who was either after me or I was chasing her, and of course there would have to be times of cooperation so my dreams were beginning to come to past or so I thought.

As our world as progressed we have followed a lot of past civilizations that thought they were smarter then then those who failed before them and they like us if we don’t wake up, will disappear as history is being made. The danger of technology is that we begin to rely to much on that and forget about the importance of a hands on approach. That led us to be unprepared for 9-11, and the worst is yet to come.

When we look at history there usually were two approaches to leadership in a country one being more freedom and opportunity for people or the other being mass destruction of  the self worth of an individual anwe see that happening today in our own country.  When you look at some of the tyrants that invaded and ruled a country they would so brutalize the population and bring them to there knees and make them dependent on the government for their every need. Not unlike what is happening in our country today exept it is being doing with out an outside invasion but from within by bringing our country to its knees economically. Just one fact that supports this we have gone from a few million on welfare to over 100 million today a third of our county, who do you think they would vote for?

The biggest cost and danger from 9-11 and a growing violent world is in the economic cost. Just think of the enormous cost since 9-11 it is in Trillions not billions and will continue to grow as we try to have safe lives.

The fight against terrorism is at a critical point and the next president will either take us down a road of destruction or up a road of reestablishing our place in the world as an exceptional nation one who goes after its enemies, alone if necessary, and supports its friends consistently.

The book I mentioned is very helpful in understanding what Israel was faced with, not unlike our problems today, and what they were trying to accomplish while becoming a democratic nation. You can down load to your electronic reader, get it.

And of course if you want to find out more about my journey which started in the 70’s in Lebanon get my book Hostile Intent or if you want to have some fiction mixed with reality my book Hell in a Brief Case, which is based on my life and agency. Enjoy and remember Knowledge is Power that will help us stay safe.

Until next time.

Phil Little