Abu Bake al-Baghadadi who declared world Caliphate

There is so much going on in the world today, including change, many changes, both good and bad.  When it comes to the bad, there is one common element that is still being employed by people to get their way, Terrorism!

I have spent the last few weeks trying to digest all that has transpired in my life time associated with Terrorism and my work in the Counter Terrorism field.

I have found that there are several differences with today’s use of Terrorism.  First, the groups or forces currently using Terrorism are bent on controlling the world, as well as changing our form of government. Secondly, the tools of Terrorism have changed with the advancement of technology.  The immediate world-wide access that the Internet offers through social media, traveling the world is relatively easy, and weapons made from explosive metals in large and small packages.  Another change is the willingness, eagerness of the modern terrorist to die as part of their act. That is a big change from the terrorists that I was chasing in the 70’s and 80’s.

One thing that has remained consistent is the terrorist’s patience.  Their ability to wait and take their time as they prepare to strike at our weakest point.  Our enemies have learned that we have short memories and we soon get back to our self-possessed way of life, even after a major attack like 9-11.

Another area that we expose ourselves in is our lack of preventative measures.  We’re not spending the resources needed on prevention. While we’re busy building our little piece of paradise the terrorists are planning, rehearsing, and waiting for us to relax and as our attention is elsewhere, then they attack.

I am an eternal optimist but I must say that I am fearful for our future as a free country.  We have one of the greatest documents ever written, the Constitution of the United States, and our protected rights, i.e. speech, gun ownership, and a citizen controlled government amongst others.  However, it seems every day we are getting farther and farther away from our foundational beginnings.  How has the world gotten to this point of a government mandated “Politically Correct” thought process, where the government believes that they know how to better run people’s lives than the people themselves?

I would think we the citizens with a long history of freedom would learn from history that Totalitarian/Socialist ideology based governments do not benefit the people but a few leaders at the top.  Think of it like you would as a Ponzi scheme.

This new world terrorism has been structured carefully and in many cases out in the open. The thought process of the leftist, of which I admit I don’t understand is based upon the belief that the founding fathers were limited or restricted in their wisdom and operational understanding of how to best run  the government.  Their reasoning is that they, the founding fathers, lived a long time ago and with the advancement of time there has come better ways to govern.  Apparently, these new ways were beyond the understanding of the founders, so it is ok to ignore the Constitution as the President has done when he disagrees.

I don’t know about you but I believe there are two forces at work in the world good and evil. Evil has tried since the beginning of time to destroy good and evil keeps looking for new ways to accomplish that purpose. They found in the left a willing partner to bring change to our way of like that is dependent on the resourcefulness of the individual to one of government entitlements.

Let’s remember that we can’t attach our way of thinking to other parts of the world which have never known freedom and individual choice. Therefore, evil has found a willing partner in religious fanatics who believe it is their purpose to bring, or force their form of religion to the whole world. This is the first time in history that religion has been used as the tool of fanatics to force their religion on the world using terrorism as the delivery weapon.

Let’s remember that Abu Bake al-Baghadadi and other radical leaders in Islam didn’t sit down in a meeting and come up with this plan, it came from there study of Islam and their interpretation of the Koran and the call for the world wide caliphate to take over the world. How did the world get to the point where the caliphate could spread so fast?  There is no question that the current administration and its approach to leading from behind and their softness on radical Islam, not even using the term, and leaving Iraq unprotected gave the green light to a rapid rise of ISIS.  As a consequence, we have seen the results.

Back in the 70’s there were meetings between various leaders of the Islam based groups discussing how to spread to the western world. They knew that it would take time for if they moved to fast they would bring their own downfall by the military response from the West.

They had watched what had happened in Europe with the various terrorist groups who became so violent the people rose up and demanded their governments take action against the terrorist and the results was an elimination of the terrorist groups. They realized they must work from within to destabilize and to do this they must have supporters. Their first plan of action was to use the left lending socialist governments to allow vast numbers of Muslims to immigrate unto Europe and built a big enough presence so they could be a force to push change. Also, this large presence would shield the radical mosques and terrorists from outside intervention.

Another part of the plan was to not assimilate into the countries they entered but to keep their own way of life and put pressure on the Socialist governments to allow them to operate in what in reality was a government within a government. We can see the result of that in Europe today and this is just an overview of this problem.

The purpose of the radicals was to use the freedoms that the countries gave them to push political correctness and to become so large that with this base they could work to disrupt the society and bring it to civil war, to the point where for the violence to stop the citizens would agree to anything. We are seeing that phase of the plan start to be acted out in Europe the last year we have yet to see how the European governments will react.

Now at home here in America they started slowly but changed to a dramatic increase in the last 7 years under the current administration where we have seen the building of a shadow government using Sharia law in many states instead of our constitution.  Are we asleep at the wheel?

What are we thinking bringing thousands of immigrants who we can’t vet and who ISIS has said they will send their believers in with. This is not about being an open caring Christian society who takes in the foreigner in need. This is about our way of life and understanding this was part of the master plan that they discussed 40 years ago in the terrorist training camps of the Middle East.

It is true we have made it easy for them by caring about the less fortunate and being ignorant of the ways of other parts of the world.

Further annalist of how our society has changed from one of integrity to one of corruptness is illustrated in the recent and continue corrupt practices of the current administration.

When you research past history on countries who went from freedom to socialist and totalitarian governments it started with the message of taking from the rich and spreading the wealth around, with most of it going to the leaders. They then moved into dishonest practices, some illegal, but no one challenged them. How did they get away with illegal actions?  They first developed a following of entitled citizens and used a sympathetic press who cowed the opposition with political correctness unto being quiet until it was too late to stop their activities. Sound familiar?

The current administration showed their total disregard for the law in the recent payment of 400 million dollars for the Iran hostages even though the Justice Department told them it was illegal. Think of the boldness of a president who thinks he is above the law, the rule of law which says no one is above the law including elected officials.

Let’s go further can you image a private citizen loading 400 million dollars in cash into a cargo plane, in foreign currency so it can’t be traced and taking it to a foreign country. The real reason for the payment was revealed by one of the hostage’s setting in the plane in Iran waiting to be flown out. As they waited one of the Iranian guards said the reason for the delay was they were waiting on another plane, the money plane, to arrive and as soon as it did they would be released. AND THE ADMINISTRATION SAYS THIS WAS NOT A HOSTAGE PAYMENT. HOW STUPID TO THEY THINK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE.

But there is more. This administration, since they couldn’t stop Russia from their aggression in Ukraine or Russian advances in Syria, they decided to join them. Unbelievable, is not enough to say about the current negotiations to work with Russia on air strikes in Syria. Further Russia is flying from Iranian airbases to conduct the strikes that we are working with them on. You can’t make this stuff up. America was being laughed at in the Carter years and now it is even worst then I experienced in 1978-79.

If we continue down this road America, or any country, cannot stand with this level of corruption growing at the level it is, and know well if we elect the wrong person it will continue unabated.

We are at a crossroads and this is not about Republican, Democratic, or Impendent ideals.  This is about the future of America. We have a choice in November, I know they are both flawed but think which candidate wants to protect our boarders, make sure we know who is coming into the country, who wants to follow the Constitution, bring economic growth, preserve out rights and who will fight for the middle class. If we don’t get it right this November I shudder to think about our future.

We need a leader who understands the world, respects power, and one who keeps his word.  We need a leader who protects our friends and crushes our enemies. If we don’t they will crush us.

God bless America and may He bless your family and mine.

Until next time, be Safe.