British Foreign Secretary William Hague said today that Iran and Hezbollah along with Russia are propping up The Syrian Regine of President Bashar. The situation is very sad to watch as Syria implodes with the final out come a tragedy for the Middle and the West.

I have been involved on the ground in Lebanon and Syria since the 70’s and have watched the foreign policy “Experts” of the US time and time again blow opportunities to bring Syria back into our camp. During the time of Bashar’s father when he was manuring, using the East against the West to wind up with a deal to come back into the fold, but we just messed it up time after time. Now it is to late.

The result that our inept foreign policy developed in Syria will be a radical Muslim Brother hood taking Syria back to the stone age. With the current administration’s approach we could easily see the few remaining friends in the Middle East fall. Thank you Washington.

The Golan Heights is a testing point for Iran and Syria as they use it to test Israel and to flex their muscle without starting a war with Israel. But they are on a short lease as the Israel Military Chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said today that if the attacks continue then Bashar will “Bear the Consequences”. I think it is pretty clear what he means.  

Our time is short to stop the madness that is going on in Washington, We need to kick the “Bums” out who are in power and get some God fearing American patriots back in power. You and I can make a difference let your voice be heard.

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The much talked about Golan Heights