Be Alert:

Reports are surfacing in the Middle East Media of an imminent Israeli strike on Iran’s Nuclear facilities. There has been a chart released showing a build up of American forces in the area with the repositioning of the USS Harry S. Truman to the north Indian ocean, not for from the Strait of Hormuz. The USS Dwight D Eisenhower is already in the area and when you take this with the recent clearance of Israeli jets through the Gulf air space and the preparation by the Gulf states to support and perhaps, with their own air power time could be short. Also add in the the recent Fatwa against terrorism by Saudi Arabia, which pits the Muslim Sunni against the more radical Shittie, and the stages are set to blunt a reaction, to a strike,  by the Muslim world to Israel. Saudi Arabia also has the ability to bring pressure on Hamas to change their approach to the Israeli state. This is a situation we need to watch and be ready, for nothing will surprise me, it could be soon or it could be months off.

The violence is continuing on the Mexican border and just south into Mexico. Many years ago my chief of operation in Mexico and I were speaking at a conference, in Mexico, and we talked about Narco Terrorism and the linking with radical terrorist groups. We warned that Mexico was headed for civil war and it is sad to see we were right. The drug cartels are similar to the terrorist groups in the use of violence and the williness to die in the pursuit of  their cause. Intelligence reports show that the worst is yet to come and our government approach is so political that it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Lets hope we wake up by November.

Be safe   Golden Fox

(aka phil little)