Cairo Egypt a few hours ago.

This is what freedom and the will of the people looks like.

I would not normally be in favor of a military take over in a country but we are looking at the lesser of two evils. This is an unusual take over with the military meeting with the people and opposition leaders to find out what they wanted, and it wasn’t a repressive religious government who was moving to eliminate the minorities.  So the military is following the will of the people and more than half of the population, much more, who want a secular non religious government who gives freedom to all religions.

But leave it to the United States, under Obama’s leadership, to try and threaten the Military not to intervene  and ensure the Egyptian people road to slavery. Thank God they didn’t listen. What has happened to the United States and our sense of what is morally right when we attempt to help keep a government in power who’s purpose it is to put their own people under bondage and take them back to the stone age.

What is interesting to note is that some of the smaller hard line Islamist groups have sided with the military to help bring stability and peace to the country.

I have watched with interest the Obama Government embrace and support the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s main purpose is to over throw the West and impose  a radical Islamic government on the world. I was also stunned to find out in Obama’s NSA information gathering probe that he ordered that no Mosque or Muslim organization would be monitored!!!!

Think about that. His stated purpose was to stop terrorism right, then wouldn’t you want to watch the places where 80% of the terrorist attacks stopped in the U.S. were planned? But no he says don’t look at them. Why???

The stats are not political but fact from the records, so why would he exclude them. This gives us a lot to think about. Maybe we as Americans should take some lessons from the Egyptians but instead of taking to streets, lets take to the ballot box on the next election and as the saying goes, “Kick the Bums Out” that are selling our country out.

Now is the time, more important then any time I can remember, we need to gain knowledge about what is really going on in our country and the world and identify who our enemies really are. Then empowered with that knowledge demand that our elected leaders who work for you and me make the right decisions on who to support and protect our security.

Until next time

Be Safe