Could this water stop with Cyber attack


JULY 11, 2011

To those who have followed the rise of terrorist attacks over the years have seen a shift in the weapons used. As the attacks by the U.S. have taken its toll on the leadership of top terrorist organizations they have looked to safer tools to use so they are less exposed. One such tool is Cyber attacks.

As the Western world becomes more focused on technology in every sphere of our lives, including the military, we have become very open to cyber attacks that could not only disrupt our economic system but our defense system also. This has been given high priority by the U.S. defense establishment.

Army General Keith Alexander said on July the 10th that Destructive Cyber attacks are coming. He went on to state that digital attacks are evolving from disrupting networks to destructive strikes.

General Alexander who the Cybercom commander and is also the head of the National Security Agency electronic spy service, said current forms of attack emanate from nation states, criminals, hackers, and others, and mainly disrupt temporarily the work of computer networks and systems. His concern is that is changing.

The General goes on the say that the attacks are capable of destroying key elements of a system to the point where the equipment cannot be repaired and must be replaced, which could put a system down for days or longer. He states the Cyber attacks on networks are growing and last year they increased  44% and malicious software attacks increased by 60%. He goes on to say that attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure – the networks that control such systems as the electrical power grid and financial system—rose from 9 in 2009 to more than 160 in 2011.

As we listen to the experts saying we are moving from a cash society to an electronic one where it will be rare to use cash since we will be making most of our transactions with an electronic swipe it is easy to go to the next step and see how a system shutdown would affect us.

Then take out much of the defense capable which is tied to technology and the electric grip and we can see a nation on its knees unable to protect itself and citizens. The dooms day movies that we have all seen now enter the realm of possibility. We have arrived in the new age, but is it better and are we more exposed? How do you balance the need for technology advancements and the good it can bring, but keep it from the criminal or terrorist elements who want to use it to either steal from us or make us their slaves? In a free society that is not an easy question to answer and I am not sure if there is one that balances our individual rights and still keeps the technology from the bad guys. But we have to keep trying.

As I have watched the progression of the world move into this recent cycle of violence which started over 30 years ago and increased after 9-11 at the outset I didn’t see how some of the prophesies for told in the bible could physically come to pass but now I see with this new age of technology. Of course this is no surprise to God.

So if the old saying of “What will be Will be” is true do we brother to try and change what is going on around us? I believe we do as long as there is one person who is willing to stand up for good and what is right there is hope. How can I or you be that one person? First we need to educate ourselves on what is going on around the world and look for things  being proposed that would strip away our freedoms. Some times in little steps that we miss, and stand up against those and mobilize others to stand with us.

Until next time be Safe:

Phil Little