thSaudi King unleashes air power on the Huthis


King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Finally a country who draws a red line and means it and one who doesn’t take any option off the table, including ground forces. It is interesting to watch the conduct of the Saudis and how it contrasts with the administration in Washington. Saudi has a King and leaders with courage and a backbone and who understand that terrorist only respect force.

Di anyone notice how quick Iran was wanting to have talks with all sides even though they are the ones fueling and arming the Huthi’s who are Iran’s arm to destabilize Yemen with the goal of over throwing the government in Saudi.

Notice the difference in the response to Iran when they suddenly wanted to talk, from what Washington would have done. The Saudis and their group kept pounding the Huthis’s and ignored Iran for they knew it was only a stall. Washington is such amateur’s in foreign affairs that they would have stopped and been taken in by the Iranians.

One of the positives from the failures of the current administration and leading from behind is that now the Arab countries realize that they have to take the leadership role. But in the long term at what cost to the U.S. and its future direction in the world. Will that weakness expose us to more violence in the future?

It is apparently that President Sisi of Egypt is emerging as the as the no nonsense leader of the Arab world. It is also interesting to watch as he takes on the radicals and the Iman’s in Islam calling them for what they are. Violent Radical Terrorist. He is also reaching out with a message of tolerance to other religions and life styles and finally we might see a change start with this kind of leader in the Arab world.

I have watched in dis-may as the administration marches on as if Iran is a country who can be trusted and doesn’t meddle in the affairs of others as they march toward a Nuke deal with Iran, any deal that the Iranians want. The administration is empowering Iran at the expense of our friends not only Israel but the Gulf.

Actually now would be a good time for Israel to hit Iran and utilize are the planning done with the Gulf states as there are already 200 aircraft mobilized and in service hitting Yemen. Further with a ground swelling to at least 200,000 troops from Arabs countries ready to march through Yemen and eradicate the terrorist once and for all. And they will invade for they know that they can’t negotiate to a peace that will last and protect their borders.

Our administration reluctantly is supporting the Saudis with intelligence and possibility inflight refueling while at the same time assuring Iran we are really your friend and Allay. Just tell us what you want us to give to you so we can get this piece of paper which will ensure you get the bomb sooner then latter. Can our leaders really be this dumb? Or is it deeper then that? Do some research and draw your own conclusions. Some experts say why ISIS is growing so fast, and advancing even as we do some pin prick bombing, they are approaching this fight as the end time appolick battle and their ranks are growing. The faithful and naive young people of the world, not just Muslims, are joining ISIS because they see them winning and in big part due to the weakness they see in the U.S. action or non-action. This is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

What can we do to help as individual Americans? We have a little more then 18 months left with this administration and we need to be working now to ensure that the next President is an experience American who loves His or Her country. They must understand how to lead and how to sue the power of America as a tool to prevent and fight when necessary those who would destroy us.

Do your home work get involved learn about the candidates, don’t first at their party but who they are as Americans and their stand on these important issues. More later.

Until next time be safe.