Greetings to fellow travelers on our journey to have a safe world to live and have our families grow up in.

A lot has changed since my first trips into Israel and Southern Lebanon in 1976. This time was before the world explosion of terrorism and its use for expanded religious purposes to control the world.


The Good Fence between Israel & Lebanon 1977

This fence was a beacon of hope for the Lebanese who needed medical care which was unavailable in Lebanon. So for 6 hours a day the fence would be open and all who needed care even terrorist would be treated. There are countless stories of mothers bringing their sick child to the gate when it was closed and a caring Israeli stolider would open the gate and let them through.

This was also the time I saw Jew, Christian and Arab fighting side by side to defeat the terrorist.

Southern Lebanon was truly the training ground for the current day terrorist. It was in the terrorist training camps in Southern Lebanon ran by the PLO, supported by the Soviets with training and weapons that the radials of the world came to be trained. They then went back to their home countries to plan and prepare, sometimes waiting for years before striking.

The agenda of the terrorist and the master minds who plotted how to best use this tool to promote their cause was long term. They were  and are patient and while we are losing interest and distracted with our quest to make money and look inward they are quickly planning and waiting for the right time.

Part of the plan was to wear us down. They knew they couldn’t take take us on military and win they had to do it by small pieces with well planed strikes and using the very tools that make and keep us free against us. Slowly they wear down our well and with law suits erode our freedoms to a place where we come to accept less and less. Political correctness takes over.

Why has our effectiveness been and continues to be lessen in the fight against terrorist? What has caused the ability to correctly identify the current brand of terrorism and where it is coming from? In part it might be that the current administration has a top Muslim Brotherhood support reviewing and removing things they don’t want in our training manuals. How insane in this!!

As I reflect on the last 35 years since I stood and watched the grateful Lebanese mothers bringing their sick children through the good fence gate to the present day, I see that the Israeli compassion would not be allowed today. What an indictment on our world when evil in men’s hearts using religion as a cover to attempt to take over the world destroy so many innocent lives.

The last 35 years has seen an advancement beyond what happened in the 100 years before and this doing the time of our supposed enlightenment and technical advanced society.

The tools that the terrorist have keep advancing to the point where a small group of terrorist with a small nuclear device could cause a World War 3. And all in the name of religion. Will we stand up and be counted in time? I hope so I still remain an optimist.

Current Border near the old Good Fence Gate.

Until Next Time Be Safe,

Phil Little