A lot has happened this week and it just keep pointing to how fast the security situation in the world could change. It is even more important for us to be informed and involved.

As the situation deteriorates the demand for high tech security will increase and we at West Coast Detectives have responded with our new Virtual Security Agent. We are just completing the first installation, at a high profile clients home, with some of the new features we have developed. This system gives the client complete security without having the feel of an armed camp. We utilized the 4 cameras they had and added our new propriety smart cameras along with our NTR computer with a large storage capacity.

The client did not want to be over powering with the cameras in the front so we had our technical department build cameras and perimeter security detectors in palm trees which blend into their front garden. We also added a safe room with our builder proving a wood covered metal door which will stop AH-47s and has 5 pin locking system on front and back of door.

The client had a watch collection that was not secure so our metal specialist build a watch safe which I saw as a high gloss back safe, not unlike the old wells fargo safe. It has the latest finger print lock system and not only am I happy but so is the client.

Another reason large clients have come to us over the last 88 years is that they can make one phone call and get all their security needs and support areas handled. As an example with this client we were installing Shattergard on all the windows including the sky light. The client expressed a desire to update the glass and even through this would not normally be a security issued we said we could handle it. We brought in our contractor who works for us and it was quickly done so we could install the Shattergard. The client is so happy at how this looks that this little extra we did for them has become a big reason for referrals from this client. I have attached some pictures of this installation.

If you need some thing done let us know.

Be Safe

–Golden Fox
(aka phil little)[br]