She loves my singing

It was smooth sailing at 5 AM as we left the hotel on the water and headed for the airport we made it 25 minutes. Last night there was a stunning view of the harbor and the lighted water spout that I am told is the highest in the world. Higher then Geneva’s. I was a little concerned about the domestic flights as I had heard some negative things but it turned out to be false. The airport was smooth and organized and the plane for the 1 1/2 hour flight was a Boeing 777. The flight was great, the flight attendants from the Philippines spectacular and we landed on time.  I had a person from the BinLadin group setting next to me and we had some  interesting conversation. Everyone here was a little shaken yesterday as the stock market here dropped almost 7%. People here are worried about what is next on the Yemen board and with Iran. Lots of concern. That is what I am here to deal with. Be safe, I will report in later.

–Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)