It has been a cooler day here with the tempura about 100. It is now getting hot and it will get to 125 by July and August. Many have the idea, as I did, that it is hot here year around but in realty the fall winter and spring are much like southern Calif. I also get lots of comments about the safety for a westerner here and it is not like the press reports it. The people here are very open and friendly and it is safer in Riyadh at night then in Los Angeles. I have been received great as an American here. I loaded some pictures from Jeddah at night you can see some of the great night views.

It is the week end here, their weekend is Thursday and Friday, and they take theirs more serious then most of us do for everything slows down. I will be back in the game on Saturday.  Be Safe.

–Golden Fox (aka Phil Little)