This is our first issue of our current terrorism update which was started in 2002.

Many of you probably only have a limited view of world terrorism and that is probably what you learn from the news. There is much more behind it then what the press and those on the Left would like us to know. Most people who condemn the U.S. for its war on terror, for the most part have no direct knowledge or facts and are just repeating talking points from the left. That was the occasion when I met George Hassan. There were a small group of people in my office and one of them a non American was saying how bad America is for attacking the poor terrorist and terrorism was all America’s fault. If only we treated people right and talked to the terrorist, things would be better needless to say my response was heated.

But I heard the best defense of America and a statement about America’s greatness not from an American but from an Iranian, George Hassan, who is an Muslim. I knew at that point that this was a man I wanted to get to know. He will continue to contribute to our updates.

I can highly recommend you read my first book ‘Hostile Intent” which gives the history of my journey to find the source of terrorism.

The word Terrorism came into use during the French Revolution  in the 1700’s. That defined the use of terrorism even by governments or movements who used violence to promote their cause. We know that evil, killing and violence in what ever name has been around since the beginning of time. In my book Hostile Intent I trace the first act of terrorism back to the battle in Heaven when Lucifer tried to over throw God. Sound like familiar? Someone trying to take over from some one in power. Of course we know that attempt failed and the rest is history.

Terrorism has come in all shapes, forms and used by people of every faith and background. Always it has been used to promote a cause. I tell all my friends around the world if some one is trying to get you to do or believe like they do and are using violence, then run the other way. You know it has no validity if violence is needed to enforce it.

Terrorism was used to enforce communism on many parts of the world. Of course Hitler used terrorism to enforce his attempt to destroy the Jews and the list goes on. The current brand of terrorism is used by evil people who use Islam as vehicle to divide people and promote their attempt to control the world. Please read George Hassan’s report in this issue and you will see the start of our current problems. Also I recommend his book Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam, a must read for all who want to be  informed and with knowledge there is power.

Are all Muslims terrorist? A loud NO NO NO.

I have friends who are Muslims and from all parts of the Muslim society and every one condemns terrorism. The recent Fatwa by Saudi Arabia against terrorism should put to rest all the doubts about where they stand on terrorism. For those who don’t know a Fatwa is a religious ruling that sets the tone for what the Muslim leaders say and do and is a message for the people to follow suit. There is a law being drafted as i write this in Saudi Arabia to enforce the Fatwa. The ruling covers every act of terrorism including the funding, encouraging or supporting terrorism. We should send a big thank you to the Saudis.

The next big battle for us in this war on terrorism is to get it back to being a war not an over seas contingent. We are loosing face and ground over seas and are looked at as being weak and without moral courage to support our friends. The fall election in the states will determine where we win or loose this international fight to keep our country free and safe and in a direct way the free world.

In future issues I will deal with more facts to try and give  knowledge for you to make good decisions. All I ask for is and open mind as you read our updates and the then you make your decisions.

Be safe and remember with knowledge there is freedom and with freedom of the people there is power.  Phil Little



Understanding my writings:

George Hassan ReportsIf my writing seems harsh or the tone is severe, it is because I see things; I know things, which are emotionally upsetting for those closer to it.  This is true with most Iranian American writers.  I believe I have mentioned it once, that sometimes, the cruel words that is Islamic black-and white culture embedded in me, reflects my writing.

Truly, I am doing about the only thing one can do to further the cause of truth in a world driven with Terror, dishonesty, and at the edge of destruction.

To put in plain words:  I am trying to explain the failing of the past to the powers of the present in the hope that accurate information as they are would do more good than giving risk-free sermons and passing judgment.

I believe the world is changing.  The world is ready for information, accurate information, no matter how is presented as long as it is true and can be proven.  The West is worried about ‘Islam,’ the Shiites and the global terrorism.  I believe after what is happening, Christians particularly Americans are no longer in the mood to turn the other check.

I want to present information in ways that the American public can use and still be friends with the Muslims of the world.

Following you will find some information about Khomeini and what he did to Iran after the revolution in the late 70’S, in future issues I will share more about the history of terrorism particular in Iran and the latest “Intel” from the ground in Iran what is really going on today.

George Hassan ReportsIn a speech on July 1, 1980 in city of Qom (Shiites Holiest Mosque), Ruhollah Khomeini,the supreme leader of Islamic community, explained the true functions of mosques.  He declared, “Compassion is in conflict with God” and “Mosques are built with Mehrab.”The word mehrab (altar, adytum) does not only mean an inner sanctum, the word harb means war, and mehrabmeans a battlefield.  The word mehrab in Arabic and Koran means ‘theatre of war’.  He added, “The prophet has swords to kill humans. Ummat, followers of the prophet Mohammad, peace be up on them, were all Jundi (militia) and they all drew their swords and they were all killers of human beings.  We want a leader who cuts off hands, gives lashes, and kills by stoning, the same way that Prophet Mohammad, peace be up on him,  did.  Mohammad cut off people’s hands, flogged, and stoned them to death.  Mohammad, peace be up on him, massacred the entire ‘discontented’ Jewish tribe of ‘BaniGharizeh.’

It was in the mosques or holy places that Khomeini spewed out his theoretical wrath and devised his revolutionary Islamic plot.  And after each sermon, Iran’s Arab clergy came out into the streets of Tehran,among other cities, armed with guns and machine guns, licensed and ready to shoot Iranians who they believed did not adhere to Khomeini’s strict Islam.

Mosques are places that Muslim leaders recite Koranic verses for its followers. Iranians have lost their nationality, rationality, and power of reasoning by following, the most irrational guidelines coming from these the Koranic pronouncement.

What will happen if we give in?  Ask an Iranian!

George Hassan ReportsThe genocide against Iranians, the car bombs that slaughters innocent men, women and children, the dehumanization of women, the stonings, the worldwide terror coming from Islamism extremists that make these Islamic countries fight for their survival, should serve to convince America and the West that this is not just a distant peril.  It is real, it is here, and soon it will become a permanent nightmare.

Americans, just as Iranians,will be force to hold allegiance to the Arab Islam and the sands of Arabia.  America would be prohibited from or the least chastised for acknowledging their heritage, the heritage they created for their children.

The Islamic nations have a common enemy in Arab Islam’s teaching.  It all comes from the ‘mosques.’  Mosques should stay where they are, in the Middle East.

Think for a moment:What gifts (other than poverty,broken spirit, shortage of literacy, profusion of backwardness, bleak economic deficiency, dictatorship, totalitarianism,terror, etc.) has the Arab Islam bestowed upon Muslims?

–George Hassan

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Phil Little has over 35 years experience in counter terrorism with most of that experience on the ground around the world gathering information that will help us all stay safe. His firm West Coast Detectives International is recognized around the world as a leader in security and investigative solutions. His first book “Hostile Intent” is a must read for anyone interested in the growth of world terrorism. Little comes from a background in the Military, law enforcement and counter terrorism/intelligence and has appeared on over a 100 television shows, hosted a radio talk show and written three (3) books on terrorism.

George Hassan is well qualified to talk about Iran and Islamic terrorism. He grew up in Iran and witnessed first hand the brutal violence of evil people who call them selves Muslim. His Book “Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam” is a must read and will take you through his life and give you a readable history lesson on the take over of the Persian nation. As an Iranian and Muslim his expert knowledge cries out for an open mind to at least listen to what he has to say. His message is so important to the Western world that I have asked him to share his knowledge and the facts with us. He is not an employee or agent of West Coast Detectives and the views he expresses are from his life and knowledge. Please order his book and learn the truth about what is going on in Iran.