We’re hearing from individuals all across the globe who unfortunately have become victims of the criminals or SCAMMERS in Ghana. And, as I mentioned before, we’ve even been contacted via email by some of the scammers posing as victims, in order to find out what we know.

Whether you’ve been a victim who’s lost $20k to several millions; we want to hear from you. The only way we can put an end to the scams is if you contact us and tell us your story, what happened to you. A written detailed statement starting from the beginning through to the end, is an essential element for any future arrest and prosecution.

Statements also help determine if there are multiple victims and show a pattern of a crime that can be used in court.

The Ghanaian government wants to put a stop to these scams that are a source of embarrassment to them. But they, we, need your help.

If you’ve received emails or other correspondence about gold or diamond opportunities in Ghana or other foreign countries, please forward that information to us.

Thank you and be safe.