The opinion in many parts of the world have shifted a little towards the sanctions slowing down Iran’s nuclear program. This is even coming from Israel and the retiring head of their intelligence agency.

The reason for this is the cut off in some of the material needed and those materials are in the hands of just a few countries who mainly support the sanctions. This is causing many experts to push back the probably date to 2015 from this year or next. With Iran and its leadership you never know.

For the west I think we have to assume that it might be a shorter schedule and with the old saying, plan for the worst and expect the best. This will be something to watch as the year unfolds.

Saudi Arabia has been rewarded for their crack down on terrorist within their borders and controlling them from coming in. (Maybe we could learn something from them on how to stop the illegals at our borders) The American government has lifted the restriction on families of Embassy personnel living in country and now the post to Saudi Arabia can be with family. This is good news for the families and good news for the world as we benefit here from the Saudi Crack down.

The danger on our border and for Americans in Mexico continues. Recently our head of operation in Mexico was kidnapped along with some others while helping with a problem requested by the government. Thankfully he and the others were released after a few days. It was a very difficult few days. We can’t live and travel in fear but we need to be informed before we travel any where today even to a country that is our friend. The current example is Europe with all the threats against Americans in that region. Do your home work before you travel and we can help with that. Contact us for information.

I am praying for a safe 2011 and for Peace to over rule violence.

Be Safe. Phil