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West Coast Detectives International and Special Police Patrol was founded in 1922 by Jay Brantley in South Los Angeles. The agency thrived in the roaring ’20s and survived the Great Depression and built a client list of hundreds of companies and some of the top celebrity clients of the growing film and studio industry.

In 1950, Mr. Brantley passed away and the agency was taken over by Stanly Comstock. Mr. Comstock expanded the agency into a national powerhouse in the Investigative and Security fields.

In 1977 when Mr. Comstock retired, the agency was taken over by Philip Little who continued the long tradition of serving every client with integrity, diligence, and a commitment to provide the highest quality of service and professionalism. Mr. Little with his passion for intelligence gathering expanded the agency into the international arena as he established stations and offices around the world. Mr. Little is still the CEO of the agency.

As we are about to enter into our 100th year of service to our Worldwide Group of Clients, we look back with pride on the accomplishments that we have provided our clientele and a desire and dedication to continue serving our clients the same professional global investigative and consulting services.

Our Executive Management Team is available at any time to discuss your needs.

Philip W. Little –  President/CEO
Wayne Little – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Wade A. Little –  Vice President, Investigative Services

A Team Of Professionals

Our team of professionals includes every investigation area, which is illustrated in the following sections.  We pride ourselves on seeking out team members who have a varied background in Government and the Private Sector from agencies worldwide to provide our client’s facts to make the right decision before entering into agreements that are critical to their companies operations.


West Coast Detectives International is committed to treating every client with respect, integrity, and the highest standards to reach their desired goal. Our job is to find and report the facts so that our clients can make informed decisions. WCDI will not compromise our ethics or moral commitment in the course of our duties. WCDI will exhaust all steps and resources necessary to reach the client’s goal.


After reviewing the accomplishments over our 100 years of service, many of them came from those who built the first 55 years of the agency. We have had three leaders, Jay Brantley, Stanley Comstock, and I have been the Chief and CEO since 1977. When I reflect on our tens of thousands of clients, the hundreds and hundreds of commendations, awards, and recommendations from those we have served, I am humbled to have been part of our success.

When in a media profile we were called “THE LITTLE FBI” I felt my telling people we were second to none was recognized by others.

Case Archive:

We were contacted by a group in New York who were the victims of a diamond scam based out of Ghana.  They had lost 3 million dollars and were looking for some help.

Their first problem was that they did not conduct proper Due-Diligence on the group and the individuals involved.  If they had retained our services at the start, we could have saved them millions of dollars.

Through our investigative services and our investigative and legal associates in Ghana, we obtained the scammer’s base of operation, financial information, and names of the various individuals.  Our team on the ground in Ghana, directed by Phil Little, conducted surveillance and other covert investigative activities.

Within a few months of dedicated and intensive investigative work, we had obtained enough information to complete our report and provide it to the F.B.I.

The F.B.I. agent assigned to the case appreciated our work.  Using our report to work from, upon the scammers return to the United States the F.B.I. made arrests and prison time was served.

WCDI has conducted similar operations worldwide.

Philip has been one of the most humanitarian and kind pro in the INTELL community, I had the honor to serve with, my CO in more than 7 Countries, for 30 years and a brother forever.  He still believes that good people can win this war.. and in GOD.

Dr. Edgar Fritz

Border Control Management; Instructor US Department of State, DEA, and FBI., View on LinkedIn

I have known Phil Little for more than twenty years.  I know him as a man of faith, integrity, strategy, professional subject matter expertise, industry, capability, organizational prowess, tactical superiority, and great compassion.  He truly cares about others and will not hesitate to make sacrifices to make life better for others around him.  I would be pleased to work with Phil Little on anything, anywhere, any time.

Mark Kroeker 3rd

Deputy Chief of Police Los Angeles CA | Numerous high police assignments with the United Nations , View on LinkedIn

Mr. Philip Little is a consummate professional in the world of Intelligence gathering, corporate security, personal discreet investigation, tactical training, police investigations, and personal security, just to name a few of his areas of expertise.  Philip has established a reputation of trust and integrity in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  I highly recommend Mr. Little to any and all who might require his areas of service.

Val Paniccia

Val Paniccia - Retired Commander, Los Angeles Police Department, View on LinkedIn

Worked with Phil when he was in Ghana on cases. Phil is an outstanding person to work with.  He is detailed oriented with a record of successes in the field of money laundering.  I had the chance to work with him for about a year and he showed the need which gives purpose and direction to behavior 

Kwame Owusu-Okore

Risk & Remedial Management, View on LinkedIn

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