My staying low profile on my time in Jeddah went side ways as I walked out of customs and there they were with a big sign with my name in bold caps welcome to Jeddah. Oh well i hope my security team is good!  I was in Paris in the morning, a beautiful day, and what a spectacular place Jeddah is. I am at a hotel on the water that my host put me in and you can see and feel that there is money here and the people are in great spirits.

The fight is to stop the terrorist from coming in from Yemen who are backed by Iran. They are trying to do on the Saudi border what they did on the Northern Israeli border. The Saudis are committed to not letting that happen. I will help them. My purpose in this blog is to get the real facts to you so you can make an informed decision and then become an active “Board member” in that big company “America” and put the right people in office. I will be getting you the latest intel as the days go by. Be SAfe..

–Golden Fox (AKA  Phil Little)